Gps no fi̇x error

hello, I am using the latest version of ardupilot software, I have installed my Gps device HERE 3

, but I am getting GPS NO FIX problem and GPS BAD FIX error in messages as below, can you help?

Is that Plane firmware?

Set BRD_BOOT_DELAY,3000 in the full parameters list, reboot, go outside and wait for a 3D Fix, then do the compas calibrations.

I did what you said but it still gives the same error, also yes plane firmware

No Fix or Bad Fix usually just means you dont have enough Sats and a poor HDOP
So there may be interference, or it may even take up to 10 minutes to get a fix.

You could also set LOG_DISARMED,1 to gather a .bin log then upload it somewhere and provide he link.
Remember to set LOG_DISARMED,0 later.

i waited about 15 minutes and nothing changed, it was working before where i expected but i have been getting this error for days, very strange

Arduplane 4.3.5 on Matek F405-wing and BN-880 GPS show the same error.

The same BN-880 works well with U-center software (so the GPS is ok).

The same BN-880 worked well with same Matek F405-wing and Arduplane 4.0.7, so it could not be a hardware/connection issue.

Any ideas?

Do you have GPS_TYPE set to 1 (Auto) or 2 (UBlox), either should work

Yes, GPS_TYPE = 1. The message is “GPS: NO GPS” and when trying to arm “Prearm: bad GPS position”. It seems that FC does not communicate with GPS.

The GPS red light blinks, this is the confirmation that GPS position in fixed.
The GPS blue light blonks, this is the confirmation that there is activity on the serial port


Facing the same issue with the Plane-4.3.4 version for the past few days.

Issue got resolved by changing the GPS_AUTO_CONFIG to ‘0’. Previously I am setting the value with ‘2’ for automatic configuration. But as I set the GPS_TYPE to ‘9’ for UAVCAN for HERE3 GPS, now I made auto configure ‘0’ and everything seems to be working fine.

Have it a try and see if it works or you are facing any other issue because of this.