Gps no fi̇x error

hello, I am using the latest version of ardupilot software, I have installed my Gps device HERE 3

, but I am getting GPS NO FIX problem and GPS BAD FIX error in messages as below, can you help?

Is that Plane firmware?

Set BRD_BOOT_DELAY,3000 in the full parameters list, reboot, go outside and wait for a 3D Fix, then do the compas calibrations.

I did what you said but it still gives the same error, also yes plane firmware

No Fix or Bad Fix usually just means you dont have enough Sats and a poor HDOP
So there may be interference, or it may even take up to 10 minutes to get a fix.

You could also set LOG_DISARMED,1 to gather a .bin log then upload it somewhere and provide he link.
Remember to set LOG_DISARMED,0 later.

i waited about 15 minutes and nothing changed, it was working before where i expected but i have been getting this error for days, very strange