GPS - NMEA - Altitude Geoid vs. Ellipsoid


Is there a way of navigating using the ellipsoidal height (not MSL) from the GPS?

I have no idea how Ardupilot recieves GSP data, but i think it reads the GNGGA string through NMEA…

I have been looking at NMEA and GNGGA messages, and so far i can see that Ardupilot uses the “MSL/Altitude Geoid Height” for determining the GPS altitude.

Looking at the structure of NMEA messages, i can see that by adding the “Altitude geoid height” to the “Geoidal separation” would result in the Ellipsoidal height.

It would be interesting if it was possible to choose which GPS altitude reference is used, through mission planner. Eg. a choice between MSL height reference or Ellipsoidal height reference.

Is there any other way of solving this problem, before a potential release solves this issue?


Good question, any takers anyone?

This got fixed six minutes ago for UBLOX GNSS receivers.

Update to 4.3.0-dev and have fun!

Sweet! Thank you for that.