GPS (NEO-M8N) does nothing after power up

Hello everyone,

all of a sudden my GPS (NEO-M8N) stopped working. When I power up my Pixhawk, I get a quick blue flash on the GPS and after that nothing happens. I get GPS : No Fix error in Mission Planner. I checked the power on the Pixhawk to see if it was providing voltage, my multimeter reads 4.98V. What could be the problem?

Well, since it says No Fix and not No GPS then it would seem it is receiving data from the GPS but the GPS is not locking on to the Satellites.


Yes, I know that. But the weird thing is. Before this thing occured, my GPS
was flashing, without having GPS lock. Now it is not flashing at all…

Maybe you need to connect it to U center and see what it’s outputting.