GPS mount ideas needed please

Did you guys buy a GPS mount or build one? Can I see some ideas, please? I see there are some that are from aluminium but that seems like a lot of weight.

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You can buy a ready made one or make one yourself.
If you have access to a 3D printer you can make one to suit your own design or use a design that is ready to be printed. Some examples:

The basic consideration is to have:
a) GPS receiver / antenna in a position so it is able to receive signal even if drone / vehicle is in a steep angle. I.e. own structure of vehicle does not block signal
b) Away from other signal sources and possible interference caused by motors, wiring, servos, transmitter & receiver,…

There is also recommendation to shield from above mentioned sources by using a metal plate of sorts underneath GPS antenna. This also reduces risk of of signal deflection & ghosting.

Thank you. Is the standard wiring of the old round GPS long enough or do people increase the length?

Increase as much as possible!

Don’t agree with that.
…Keeping GPS receiver far away from everything else. - Yes

…Extending cable length well beyond to what is required: No. Being an electrician / technician and working with electronics I can only advice against excessive cable length. - We are dealing with just 5V DC and as such doesn’t take a very long cable to cause voltage drop which can affect performance of equipment used. (In this case GPS) It also increases risk of RF interference as excess cable is then often just wound up into a coil and / or placed somewhere where interference from other equipment may be possible. Especially if just a regular cable is used for extension rather than a good quality shielded cable.


@Karl_Schoelpple good point. I was not clear enough. Let me re-prahse that:

Increase it as much as possible, but do not go past 50cm.

Thank you. I will create gps holder and test the current noise and get back to you guys.

Is it good to also isolate it from vibration? For instance mount it on a rubber base and make sure the bolts holding it also have rubber between the bolt and the nut so that the frame vibrations don’t transfer? I have not seen anybody do that.

No, Receiver is not sensitive to minor vibrations. If you had significant vibration than it would be a different story, but that also would create problems with your FC first.