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I made a quad copter with apm 2.8 and it works almost stable and need some more tuning and modification in parameters. But now I need to install a gps to my flying machine. I already have one ME-1000 RW gps module. It has 6 pins Vcc, Hnd, Rx, TX, Rs232 Rx, Rs232Tx. I tried to connect this With my apm i used rs232 Rx and TX pin to connect it with my apm. After everything I connected it to the mission planner. But mission planner did not recognize the gps. Is any one used this module with your apm. I have its data sheet and shared here. Please let me know the procedure to make my quad equipped with this device.ME-1000RW.pdf (514.9 KB)


You must use UART Rx and Tx (not serial RS232).

In Mission planner set your GPS Type to 5 (NMEA) and refresh rate at 1 Hz. You should also set the APM GPS Serial speed at 9600. It may work.

Google “ardupilot NMEA GPS” for more information,


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Thanks ‘mlebret’. You helped me. Thanks again for your valuable help. I will try this technique.

Is that gps module i mentioned is a accurate one to fly a autonomous
flight. Or need to purchase neo series. Which neo series is more accurate
and low energy consumption.

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