GPS Module Configuration Issues: Disabling GPS_1 and GPS_2


ount the M9N GPS module on GPS_2 due to the unavailability of pins. However, I want to disable GPS_1 because I’m not using it. I have tried the following settings:

GPS_TYPE1 = 0 (disables the 1st GPS)
GPS_TYPE2 = 1 (2nd GPS in auto mode)
GPS_PRIMARY = 1 (sets the second GPS as the primary)

But when I disable the 1st GPS (with GPS_TYPE1 = 0), it disables both GPS_1 and GPS_2.

Similarly, when I enable the 1st GPS, both are active. The same issue occurs when I disable the 2nd GPS; it also disables both GPS units. Can someone please help me with this?

The first active GPS is the first one configured.
So even if the first active GPS is GPS2, GPS2 will become the first GPS

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sir but they are not configuring and I’m so tired, if you have any idea please I will look forward


  1. SERIAL3 to 0
  2. SERIAL4 to 5
  3. GPS_TYPE1 = 1
  4. GPS_TYPE2 = 0
  5. GPS_PRIMARY = 1

And retest. GPS2 plug will be your first GPS (GPS1)

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