GPS M8n and PX4

Hi everyone, fisrst of all, sorry for my english.
I have rare problem with my gps ubox m8n and my Pixhawk PX4.
The problem is that when I connect the Pixhawk by usb, the gps position works perfectly (16 sats 0,7 hdop), but when I plug the battery and connect the Pixhawk by telemetry, the gps starts working very bad (7 sats 1.5/2.5 hdop), and it´s imposible to fly.
Any help would be great, thanks!

Details and photos of your setup would help as would a log file from the Pixhawk but you will have to set logging to ‘log before arm’ so the logging starts from power up.

My guess might be that the Telemetry is interfering.
But thats only a guess.

I did a testing flight today and I have notice that the gps works perfectly when the drone telemetry is not connected (transmitting signal) to the pc telemetry, I did a perfect loiter with 18 sats and 0,6 hdop.
The problem is when I hit the connect button on mission planner and the pc telemetry starts receiving signal, the gps goes crazy and starts losing satelites and hdop.
I think the problem would be the telemetry system that doesn´t transmit the signal well to the pc.
My setup is this:
The telemetry system are 433mhz 500mw.
Thanks for the help.

the question asked by @mboland is WHERE are the components installed in your setup.
GPS need to be installed on top of vehicle,with a clear view of sky and far away from electromagnetic sources, like motors and Telemetry.

Please provide a picture of your drone.

Problem solved, thank you guys.
I changed the telemetry and it’s all working perfectly.

I have th simmilar problem, I cannot get over 7-8 sats with M8n… how did you change the telemetry?
Mine look like this:

I didn’t change the telemetry location, I simply changed the whole telemetry system.

hi Carlos,

I have the same problem using this components:

Pixhawk radiolink and GPS m8n:"PIXHAWK%20ADV%20AUTOPILOT-P1"

433 telemetry system:"1016-P2-BA-KIT%20433"

Which systems of telemetry did you choose to solve the problem? Could you put a link?