GPS Longitude and Latitutde display

Is there a way to actually display the values for the GPS longitude and latitude in Droidplanner?

Often when I am on the field, I dont have a good internet connection and if I did not cache map tiles, I can only see the location of the quad but I have no reference point of where I am in relation to that so I cant find it (in case I landed in some out of sight area with tall grass).

It would be possible, but we had the decision to keep it out since most users will not have need for it.

There are two ways that we can remedy the problem in the future?

  • add a Find the drone compass/arrow showing the heading and distance to the drone
  • Have the telemetry boxes ( on DPv2) editable by the user, so you could display the ones you want to show.

Are those good solutions?

Yes, both would be excellent. Shall I submit that to Github?

Please submit both, to separated issues.