GPS issues - Variable location

Hi everybody!

Recently i’ve bought a PX4 and everytime i connect it, in the flight data display, my rover is shown as it’s running (i even can see a purple line that i guess it’s its path) but in fact the PX4 is still in my desk!

Could someone help me with this mistery?

It’s the first time a deal with Pixhawk… i’ve been reading a lot about it lately, but there’s always little issues I can’t find or fix them myself.

When you said PX4 did you really mean Pixhawk1/2 because I believe that Ardupilot does not run on a PX4 which is not the same as the Pixhawk.

Thanks for the quick reply!

That’s why I said PX4 and Pixhawk.

When first powered up the track will not appear until the GPS has a 3D fix.
Even then, it will take time for the GPS fix to settle down to a consistent reading.
During this time you will see your vehicle “moving” on the map in Mission Planner.
This is the nature of GPS, it is not a ‘snap into place’ sensor and will wander depending on a number of factors like location, interference from trees, buildings, etc.