GPS Issues around the world

I realize that it might NOT affect us but still, be aware.
There is a massive GPS issue that happened on 28th of July all over the world related to week number rollover. Lots of GPS-dependant equipment was affected and a lot of companies are having losses.
Here is an extract from one of the communities:

Dear MTNet colleagues,

This mail was posted to all of you still after the GPS week number rollover problem was identified but unfortunately did not pass, I repeat:

We found that some of GPS modules in LEMI-417 stations as well as in LEMI-018 magnetometers which some of you have, may be affected by the GPS week number rollover problem (e.g.
It means that from April 7, the GPS reported date may not be valid: mostly all our stations will work correctly, except few stations which contain EB-500L GPS module. With such a module the station will still work, but the date and time will be wrong. We have to stress that this problem will not appear until you re-start electronic unit - if permanently working, then all will be good.
As soon as you switch it off, the problem may appear (if GPS module EB-500L is inside).

Many other units were affected, even the ones with Trimble chips. So, beware and safe flying!

Please don’t spread FUD, week rollover impacted only 8-10 years old gps receivers. Newer receivers were prepared for the problem. None of the receivers that are commonly used with ardupilot are impacated.

No FUD. The fact that the gear WAS affected is there. Old stuff, yes, but there is no guarantee that newer gear (especially Chinese clones) would be good.
I just made a notification, just to keep people informed, that’s all.

I do use Trimble GPS for ground control and the week roll over does not affect autonomous accuracy or RTK performance. Some of my older GPS only receivers have date issues. Post process data is still available but a fix date routine must be ran to fix the date in the rinex file. My other 10 year old GNSS receivers do not have a date issue as of yesterday. I did post processing on the 29th & 30th with no time issue.
My guess is that the week rollover will probably not effect GNSS equipment due to 3 clock systems available.