Gps is not getting green signal in pixhawkncubr

Am using pixhawk cube .am completed all sensors calibration gps signal is getting (3d gps is fix) but not getting green or blue led . What is problem happen. Please any body help me

What does the Ground Station messages tell you when you try to arm?

I think gps is fine, just try to arm and see what the ground station say

Sir thans for given reply. When armed by using transmitter it’s armed nothing was saying .

Nothing is saying sir .when am try to arming the plane will be armed no issue .am put the gps module near by pixhawk

Ok then, just arm and try any gps based mode, pos hold or loiter, If the mode change is successful, then everythings fine. if not check the ground station message

Are the cube lights solid orange?

Am using black cube. Am check the RTL mode . it has came to to when am arming and take a loiter . But lights are not showing green or blue but in ground station showing gps 3d lock fix .it got 20 satellites