GPS Inertial Navigation Module

Hi ArduPilot fans.

Is anyone familiar with this BR-126 GNSS/MEMS GPS Inertial Navigation Module BDS+GPS Dual System For Ublox NEO RC Drone that is available on ebay / banggood.

I cannot fathom out if it is an amazing product at a low price or if it is a complete red herring… it does suggest Inertial navigation is 100% reliable without GPS reception… is this something ArduPilot is interested in?

Thank you

I guess that is a uBlox Neo m8u like device. The m8u estimates the position based on the inertial sensor data if satellite reception is lost. Great for cars if you are driving through a tunnel. But useless for drones which already have several inertial sensors and could perform the calculations on their own.

It is not a Ublox, only “compatible” .

Of course, I wrote uBlox like because I didn’t want to guess whether it is a copy or a original development. The company offers also m8n and m8t “equivalents” and Emlid Reach alternatives. Interesting on the paper but I would be careful.

It’s definitely NOT an “Inertial Navigation Module.” This just shows you how devious (or maybe stupid) some vendors are.