Gps hglrc m80pro nmea matek f405

My old GPS stopped working. I got a new one: GPS HGLRC M80PRO. The description said UBLOX protocol, but not sure why it came with NMEA…

The documentation says there is no problem - just change GPS_TYPE to 5… and possibly GPS_DRV_OPTIONS to 4 for 115.2Kbaud serial data rates…

Unfortunately, the GPS does not work.

Do you have any advice?

(I have checked the wiring etc)

Have you checked your wiring that you have Tx-Rx, and Rx-Tx? That is a common mistake for UART connections. I assume since you had one previously working you know that, but I am asking just to be sure.

As for Ardupilot, someone more knowledgeable than I can answer that :slight_smile: .

Of course I checked the connections.

In the comments on banggood it was mentioned that the manual said something different than the signatures on the pcb. I checked every possibility.

I also checked another BN-220 and it works normally.

I wrote directly to HGLRC… but they still ask about configuration with betaflight. I guess they are not aware of Arduplane existence.

So either something is wrong with this example, or arduplilot doesn’t work with this type of gps.