GPS Heading (Yaw) with Swift Piksi Multi

Hi all,
I was wondering if anybody has some experience with two Swift Piksi Multi modules on a rover with a working GPS Heading (Yaw) configuration?

Our internal compass didn’t work, maybe because of the huge motor controllers next to it, so we have modified our setup from base station and rover to a moving base for gps heading (yaw).
I have set the configuration of both Piksi modules to moving base/rover as they have documented on the swift website. They are connected with each other and only the ‘master’ is connected with AP (CUAV X7).
I also have enabled the output SBP Message for heading information: “MSG_BASELINE_HEADING”.

I think I still have to enable or configure the AP to be able to read and use this heading information because currently I can still see on our map that the rover heading orientation is very, very bad.

Ps. I have seen another issue: the gpsstatus is not changing to rtk (not even when the blue fixed RTK led is on when using it on the standard base and rover setup) but I can see on the map that the gps position of the rover really is at centimeter accuracy.

Someone I have asked, found: the dev team put some work into supporting Swift in a moving base/rover configuration sometime during the 4.1 cycle. Some new parameters showed up that are specific to that hardware. So maybe there is hope that I’m not the only one who is trying to get this to work!

Kind regards,

I am that someone who was asked about Swift support. I have not worked with Swift hardware, but it has a good reputation, and I look forward to hearing how it’s supported by ArduPilot in a moving base configuration.