GPS Heading and Compass symbiosis questions

Good day all

In the process of attempting to get a functional system with GPS heading, we are encountering a few hurdles. (Cube running latest AC release)

As per the instructions:

Enable and use EKF3
EK_MAG_CAL = 5 (use external yaw sensor)

The heading data is send via NMEA GPHDT message.

We have been instructed to disable and not use any data from the compass(s).

There are 2 questions about not using any compass data.

  1. Without any Mags enabled, there is no backup heading in the case of GPS heading error or fault on the data. This seems like a dangerous situation. Is there anyway to keep the compass enabled, and set the EKF fusion behavior to select the best data (MAG or GPS HEADING) ?

    PX4 has a parameter (GPS_YAW_ OFFSET) with allows user to input the GPS heading offset, created by the orientation of the 2 GPS antennae relative to the front of the aircraft. Is there a similar parameter in AC?

  3. With the Compass disabled, there is (understandably) a constant " BAD COMPASS HEATH" message displayed in MP. Is there anyway to disable this warning?

Thanks very much for any input available.

Wait a bit more . There are some bugfixes that will be merged in master.

Thanks, these issues are not really bugs… more like feature requests.

Could you please point me to discussions about these topics?