GPS Guided Modes not Working ARDUCOPTER 3.5.5 OCTAQUAD Pix2.1 Here GPS

HI All

I am having trouble with GPS guided modes (Pos Hold, Loiter, RTL)


When entering POShold from lateral movement, the copter brings itself to a stop. But after a second or so it begins to drift with the wind. (the telemetry still reports POSHOLD). when I give a slight stick input the copter “re-enters” poshold and stops the drift, but as soon as I center the sticks the drift starts again. the drift can be in any direction, as per the external disturbance. I can push the copter by hand 10m off its desired position without any resistance.


When i enter loiter mode, same thing the copter drifts but I have zero control though the pitch and roll inputs.


Upon commanding RLT, the copter raises to the desired RLT alt, but then just starts to drift with the wind. No positive motion towards home point.