GPS_GNSS_MODE and the best configuration

Just looking into this parameter trying to understand why in my 4 ardupiloted craft that they all behave differently when it comes to the responsiveness of the GPS - for which all 4 use the same GPS hardware (Beitian/Be-Star BN-880). All of my craft have GPS_GNSS_MODE = 0, which the wiki describes to mean “Leave as currently configured”. So I have to ask, is there a simple way to determine what the current configuration is from within Ardupilot/mission planner - I.e. without having to run u-center to check the GPS config directly?

So maybe some data is available in Mavlink which describes the current config? The thought here is obviously to see how the really responsive GPS I have (on my plane) is configured compared to the other three.

I think personally that a better Wiki page about GPS configuration would be a big help. Maybe details of what config is best in different areas of the world etc.

Thanks, Paul

There isn’t anyway to report that over MAVLink at the moment. Unfortunately MAVLink reporting of GPS properties is extremely weak, and we don’t even have a way to transport the accuracy estimates to the GCS at the moment.

You could use the serial passthrough to avoid needing to bust out a conversion cable, but you still need u-center to use this.