GPS for Fishing Bait Boat


I’m a newbie so sorry if this is posted in the wrong section

I have a remote control baitboat I use for fishing and I’m looking to add a GPS to it so that I can send the boat back out to the same spot.

Ideally I would like to be able to save good fishing spots via this GPS so I can re-visit them.

I’m not looking for a autopilot function to be used in this project just GPS.
Needs to have a wireless range of 500metres and accuracy of 5m minimum.
Need to use it the GPS to navigate the boat out manually (Autopilot not needed)

What would I need to get to get this project started and what software would I need to download on my Android Tablet or Windows based Laptop ?

I know I have put this in the plane section but I think I can adapt something for my boat.

Thanks guys


This would actually be a very simple task and funnily enough I need to create and Arduboat section as folks are starting to do this sort of thing.