GPS Failsafe

Had a nasty crash tonight, my own stupid fault for flying on Loiter mode whilst surrounded by walls - GPS decided to go off on one, and the quad launched itself, but I was too late to catch it in time, so it hit the deck, narrowly avoiding my running Niece! Anyway, my question is about GPS failsafe settings. I would like to have a GPS glitch fail over to AltHold, but the config in the manual ( does not reflect the settings seen in the current version of Mission Planner ( in my case). In fact, the only place I can find FS_GPS_ENABLE setting is on the Full Parameter List, and on this screen it does not have anything in the options or description columns to detail this setting - almost suggesting that this setting has been deprecated. I have set this value to ‘2’ as per the above link (switch to AltHold) but I am just wanting to be assured I think that this setting is still used and that my change will have the desired affect should the GPS Glitch occur again. Can anyone please share their knowledge/experience of this setting on current Copter (Quad X) F/W?

Thanks, in advance, Paul

I just checked Mission Planner 1.3.25 (what I am running) and like the link you had in your post, the various options for setting failsafe for the GPS was just like the wiki indicated (when viewing Standard Params). I have mine set to AltHold.