GPS Failsafe Set to Land Copter Didn't land Log Review

Just wondered if someone can take a minute and look at these logs. I use the APM and Pixhawk in multiple planes and copters and normally do not have issues I can’t explain. However, I was at the field playing with my newest copter and tested the RTL feature along with some other failsafe tests (all working great btw). While in the air during the flight that I attached the log for there was a GPS glitch while in poshold, you can see in the log the copter went into Land mode but, it didn’t land at that point. I also had zero control from the transmitter. The copter started taking off in a northwest direction I finally was able to get the mode switched into stab and let the copter fall.

Am I missing something in the log file. Shouldn’t it have landed. Everything else is working great. Any insight is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.