GPS Failsafe and Glitch Protection

I have a question about GPS glitch protection and whether it is operative in Stabilize mode. Having taken my quad outside I have the problem of being unable to arm it for ages and each time I try, the glitch protection is flagged. Eventually it arms and I can fly. Reading this page ( ) it seems to indicate that in stab mode glitch should not stop the copter arming, having read the reason why this has been invoked, I don’t understand why setting fence to disable, allows immediate arming.
But the point is how to re-enable fence without glitch protection kicking in.

Having the Fence active means that the GPS lock has to up to the standards required by the firmware, same as if you were flying in a GPS mode.

So if you want a GPS function such as Fence, Loiter, Pos Hold, etc, the GPS has to have a satisfactory lock, hence the wait.

Thanks for the reply, appreciated