GPS empty timestamp in dataflash logs and gpx files


In my log files downloaded from Pixhawk (or from APM) especially .gpx files doesn’t have GPS timestamp for each point.

Time attribute for each position is (in .gpx) 0001-01-01T00:00:00+01:00

Can I turn on logging timestamp from GPS ? If yes please explain me how to do this for Pixhawk and APM also.


Hi seek666,

[mf]3DR Hardware/Other[/mf]

What is the firmware you are using?

What is the ground control station software you are using?

Could you please provide a log?


I’m sorry for the late response.

Now it’s working all right. It’s start working after few flights. I don’t know why :confused:
I’m using latest firmware (Arduplane) and Mission Planner (also latest one)

Looking at this post that is almost 2 years old, I have the feeling that it reappeared. GPX files produced by Mission Planner on Pixhawk log files extracted from its SD card are currently doing the same: starts with timestamps ok then drops them for the rest of the flight for an unknown reason.

I have the same problem on a Brand Name Pixhawk and on its Hobby King clone HKPilot32, so I don’t think it is hardware related.

BIN and GPX example attached


I’ve discovered that if the first GPS message in the flash log has GPS Status = 4 then Mission Planner is unable to compute time stamps for all other messages and geotagging also doesn’t work.

You can check this value easily in DATAFLASH LOG REVIEW in MP by selecting the GPS > Status button on the right.

If your log starts with 4s, then open the .log file in a text editor (wordpad), scroll down to the first GPS message and change the status value from 4 to a 3. Even if the remaining GPS status values are 4 this should let Mission Planner understand enough to get all the dates/times right.

Apparently GPS Status = 4 was introduced with Ardu 3.3 and means “3D with good HDOP” though I couldn’t see any record of this in the change log.