GPS EM-506 support

Is that GPS supported by Ardupilot? I’m using ardurover for my boat.


It is, but you can use a sextant as well. This GPS is old, 1Hz NMEA only, SIRF IV chipset, GPS sats only. No autoconfig. Do yourself a favor and buy a 18usd Ublox8 gps puck…

jajajajaja, a sextant!!!
You are right.
The thing is in Argentina is not so easy/cheap get this kind of products so we need to use what we have.
I will order a new ublox (it will takes 2 month until I get the package), meanwhile, can you tell me how to config this GPS, is there any blog post? I can’t find anithing.

EDIT: BTW in Argentina we has GPS service only, there is no GLONASS nor GALIELO, just GPS.

What about this one :

If you really want to use it, just connect to the serial port and set GPS_TYPE to 7 (SIRf).