GPS doesn't lock + bad compass health


I’m trying to configure my Pixhawk with this GPS + Compass: … axon_id=34

I connected both of the cables to the Pixhawk and powered it on.
A red LED lights for 2 seconds on the GPS/Compass unit and then it deems for a less bright light.

The mission planner software shows: “Bad Compass Heath” and “No GPS” messages.
When I take it outside it doesn’t change - no GPS lock.

The 3DR GPS/Compass module comes with two cables, one for the APM and one for the Pixhawk.
The Pixhawk uses the 6 pin DF13 to 6 pin DF13 cable and not the 5 pin DF13 to 6 pin DF13 cable.
Are you sure that you have the 6 pin DF 13 end plugged into the GPS connector on the Pixhawk and the other 6 pin end connected to the GPS connector?
Also, you might try and disconnect the Compass 4 pin connector from the GPS module and see if that makes a difference.


You nailed it!
Wrong cable indeed.

I followed this - somewhat misleading tutorial: … ss-module/

Changed it to a 6 to 6 and it works perfectly - GPS locked !