GPS coordenates

Hi everyone,

New to this forum and to Ardupilot platform…Hope to learn from you as much as I can

Here is my first problem and I wuld appreciate any help you can give me:

Last week I used my hexa with a SEQUOIA which I hired in order to make a friend farm captures and find out about the Sequoia and Pix4D results.

The problem comes when I see that the pictures taken by the Sequoia were not georeferenced. Evenhought the GPS seem to work right and the green led was “on” the pictures have no data about their position at any time, consequently PIX4D cannot process them.

So, is there any way I can get the coordenates and exactly time from the pixhawk? The camera was shooting by itself since the begining of the mission; that is to say, the pixhawk was not giving commands to the camera in order to shoot.

That said, could you help me please?


Have you taken a look at the documentation on this topic?

Thanks CLabeck,

I read it yesterday but I am not sure if I can use that process.

The camera started taking pictures whit the drone landed and took much more that mission planner indicated (lets say 1 pictura every 3 sec and I progemmed for 1 picture each 2sec) thats why I was not sure if the geotool would give me a good result.

Anyway I will go for that solution and try it out this afternoon…I will let you know…

Thanks a lot


Hi again,

I am trying togeolocate the pictures with misión planner as CLabeck indicate me yesterday. The process seems to work but when the app calls Google Earth I do not obtein any proposed place on google earth.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance