GPS connection status

I’m looking for a way to determine GPS connection status. I know mission planer shows me GPS fix status, and HDOP, but I’m working on my coptes in a basement where there is no way to have any satellites in sight. Because I have some problems with my M8N - it has problem communicating with any device I would like to know if the FC sees any data/communication from the GPS.

Is a Cleanflight user I’m used to a “GPS connection icon” in their configuration tool. This is a nice indication if the FC has GPS communication - not if there is GPS fix, and its quality. Is there a such thing in any copter configuration tool that shows such data? QGC has a GPS status - but it also does not show, it also has a nice summary screen but the gps is not on sensors list.

If you’re using Mission Planner, then the HUD will tell you if the GPS is sending information. If the FC doesn’t “see” the GPS, then it will say “No GPS” on the bottom right corner of the HUD. If the GPS is working, but not seeing any satellites, then it will say “No Fix”

Thanks… It could not have been easier :slight_smile: I think both are red, so I did not notice those as a change. Or I would have to see both at once to notice the difference.
That’s good because I was having no fix - so my GPS started working at last… Still got a lot to learn about arducropter :slight_smile: