GPS configuration checks failing?

If I have arming checks set to ‘1’ = ALL it wont pass / wont rudder arm. I narrowed it down to checks 4096 = GPS1 failing configuration checks 0X800 I have GPS_AUTO_CONFIG on =‘1’. GPS_RAW_DATA set to ‘0’ GPS_NAV_FILTER set to ‘8’. It’s an original pixhawk and 3dr gps. Anybody have any ideas? It seems to know where it is on the map so maybe it’s nothing to worry about?

Thats the GPS failing to configure the GNSS mode.

Try setting the GPS_GNSS_MODE parameter to 0. (Depending upon what era of 3DR gps you have the GNSS configuration won’t be possible, or you could have requested a combination the device can’t provide).

Well I looked and it [ GNSS mode ] was already set to ‘0’. I turned off GPS_AUTO_CONFIG. Then it armed okay even with checks set to ‘1’ = ALL. I then went back and turn the GPS_AUTO_CONFIG back on. rebooted and now it arms okay and no gps error messages. Interesting too I was getting GPS fails to maintain 5hz message or something. Now that’s gone too. So who knows but it seems fine now. Any clues why that is?? Maybe just a gremlin.

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That’s extremely surprising. That shouldn’t have really fixed anything… I’m glad to hear it’s passing, but I’m at a bit of a loss to explain it yet.

The 5Hz messages were pretty common the first time you gained link, they are actually removed in 3.8.0 because it was a garbage message (it sounds bad, but had a 99.9+% false positive rate, and trained people to ignore it)

Yes as a matter of fact after a restart it again fails the gps configuration check so I just disabled that one. I don’t think that’s a real conflict just a glitch with the newer FW and older GPS maybe?? Good to know the 5Hz message is a non issue as well. thx