GPS/Compass module setting in PixHawk

The WIKI reads: Next connect with the Mission Planner and go to INITIAL SETUP > Mandatory Hardware > Compass and set the Orientation to ROTATION_ROLL_180.

When I do this the copter flies away in stabilise. Also taking a look at the compass readings in the LOG I noticed that the magY and mag2Y changes are opposite. When turning my copter by hand I see the heading on the map moving corretly for a brief moment (gyros), but then it corrects to the opposite direction and stays there.

TMHO it should read: ROTATION_NONE. If I change the setting like this the reaction on the map is normal.

Setup: PixHawk and GPS/Compass module both mounted with arrow pointing to the front.


What wiki page says that? … ss-module/

However when you select PixHawk/Px4 in the settings of the compass in MP it defaults to NONE.

I find it also very confusing, is a PixHawk an APM or not? I would believe so as this website is the APM website, so do I have to select Pixhawk/Px4 or APM with external Compass in the settings? I would think that the first is the internal compass of the PixHawk without external compass and the latter the setting for the external GPS/Compass module. But if you select the option with external compass the Roll_180 value is chosen.

I find it also very confusing,
yes I agree it can be confusing.

is a PixHawk an APM or not?
Both Pixhawk and APM are types of autopilots but a Pixhawk is not an APM.

APM with on board compass ROTATION_NONE
APM with external compass ROTATION_180

PIXHAWK or PX4 with either internal or external compass ROTATION_NONE

The notes in Mission Planner are correct. I have asked that the wiki page be updated and clarified. Thanks for your report.

Thank you!

Regards from Belgium.