GPS Blending gpshdop2 0

I’m trying to set up GPS Blending with two neom8n, I have 3D Fix but gps2status2 is 0.

GPS Blending mode is considered like a single GPS module by ardupilot firmware… ?


2nd gps on telem1 :


No, you should see data for both in the messages screen. Something else is wrong.

GPS_TYPE2 was set to 0…

I use two neo m8n bought with 2 years interval (probably different firmware)

Accuracy difference seems to be significant… ?


After 20 minutes :


Not significant and the firmware is written to the modules on Boot with default parameters.

With 8 and 9 satellites you have low accuracy. I have a 0.5 hdop on the first with 27 gps, glonass and galileo satellites and about 0.7 on the second with 16 gps and glonass satellites. Did you take measurements at home? take a measurement outside.

Do you want to have mixing with different individual constellations enabled to get a 10hz position refresh? With two enabled on each gps e.g. 1 gps / glonas 2 gps / galileo or deidu you have a 5hz refresh. Is this not enough for you? On gps with battery rom memory when 3 constellations are turned on, it also refreshes 5hz. For easy gps configuration use Ucenter and connect to Mision planner via virtual port description in ardupilot documentation

I have chosen GPS+Galileo, yes it was indoor test, the weather doesn’t allow to test outside for now…