GPS beep and green light blinking when triggered battery fail, how to reset GPS to normal

How to reset GPS back to normal.
When I test battery failsafe, after battery fail, the GPS sounds beep and its two green LEDs blinking.
I tried to change BATT_LOW_VOLT to lower than triggered value.

  1. at beginning, I set BATT_LOW_VOLT as 14.90V in Full Parameters List,
  2. then run the rover until it is triggered at lower than 14.90V,
  3. the GPS started sound beep and 2 green LEDs blinking,
  4. then I changed BATT_LOW_VOLT to 14.80V,
  5. goto HUD actions, Resume Mission,
  6. the rover continue running, but GPS is still beep and LED blinking.

How to restart the mission if the battery is charged or BATT_LOW_VOLT is changed lower?

The battery lower than 14.80V, never triggered.

Hi Lumono,

I’m afraid that once the battery failsafe has triggered, there’s no way to “untrigger” it except to reboot the flight controller. I think there’s a request for this on the issues list but I can’t make any promises when it will be done.

Can you tell me where in the framework that piece of code is located?


Sure. The battery failsafe event is handled here in failsafe.cpp. The battery check is down in the AP_BattMonitor library here.