GPS Autopilot for rc bait boat

I have a Rc bait boat, Im looking to see if its possible to fit/construct an Ardupilot based system to be able to Go and store specific locations (within 1 mtr) into memory, work at distances up to 200mts,and return to home if chosen.
Now there’s a few Manufactures doing these autopilots off the shelf like Toslon X-pilot etc, but these are for 1 or 2 engine boats, Mine has 4 Rule sump pumps for propulsion/steering. 2 forward pushing pumps 2 rear. Controlled by a Action Electronics p94 dual esc/mixer. the mixer mode is a W type mixer, turn to starboard, the port pump speeds up , whilst starboard pump slows down, turn to port starboard speeds up. you literally spin on the with starboard motor in reverse and port forward or visa-versa .
Great for getting the boat anywhere I want, but not good to fit any modifications like gps or autopilot
any help gratefully received Dave

Sounds like an Angling Technics Microcat ?

Basically yes everything you would want to do is possible with Ardupilot but I need to look into the mixing for the pumps a bit more. Down to 1m could require more complex hardware like RTK as normal GPS can have a tolerance of a few meters but imo I think normal GPS would be fine.

I was a massive carp angler for years and my name in many forums is Mad_Angler for this very reason. I was using and designing some of the bait boats in the early days when they really all kicked off and even used to sell them actually.

That was all in another life though.

Basically with your phone or tablet and Ardupilot you would simply crate a mission and it would return to the location.

It’s all achievable with a little effort.

Ardurover supports Omni vehicles with 4 thrusters so it may work for you. You need the Flight Controller to do all the mixing so that would have to be disabled and independent servo outputs sent to each of the 4 ESC’s.

Yes Ian its an old mk1 microcat, with a few mods, I removed all the wiring ,electronics, radio gear, hopper release mech and fitted a sonar. tried all the different suppliers of gps autopilots and only 1 did the microcat, but because I've replaced everything there's wont work. Its meant to piggy back on ATs esc`s/mixer.Scan.pdfmicrocat.pdf (274.2 KB) This is the mixing/wiring to the 4 pumps see if this can help