GPS arming_check is Bypassed

Running AC 3.4

When enabling all arming checks (set to 1) the flight controller skips the GPS lock check, thus enabling me to arm
even if there is NO lock. This looks like erroneous behavior. And I think I recall on 3.2.xx FC would check for the LOCK.

This “issue” can be bypassed by enabling fence in which case it will check for LOCK.
However it provides a baffling message of “Check Fence”.

Just a heads up for all the users out there, hope this is fixed.

From my understanding it has always worked this way.

If the flight mode that is enabled does not require GPS lock then it will arm.

Turning fencing on requires a GPS lock on all flight modes since you want it to stay with in an area.

I don’t use fencing and have always been able to arm in Stabilize mode.


Thank you for your input Mike.
However even if arming check is set to zero, which means no checks, and no fence is enabled pixhawk still does not allow me to arm on a flight mode that relies on GPS, so doesn’t that make the arming check redundant? (for GPS)
My point is what does it change? If there’s no difference between on or off?
The logical way for it to go would be for the GPS arming check to be done no matter the flight mode, just like baro sensor check doesn’t only work for modes that use it- all of the other ones work globally, and are checked when an arming request is made.
That’s why I believe something is off with that one.