GPS+Ardurover+Revo doesn't work with Arm64+Linux, (it works in W10 or without companion)

Hi I have Open Pilot revolution with Ardurover 4.1 mounted in a autonomous ROS Rover with Jetson Nano as companion computer. I have 2 cheap Beltian bn-180 and bn-220 which works properly connected via FTDI with Ucenter in W10, connected Revo+ Ardurover in Serial3 (flexi) and connected or not to W10 via Serial0 USB. All works as should be.
My problem is the GPS will stop to work when is connect to Jetson Nano and it boots. USB Serial0 (115200) works, serial1 (1500000) works, but the gps will stop to work if is working or wont fix satellites if is connected after Jetson booted, just a blue led flashing (it is red and blue when it works).
UART in Jetson nano is connected in J41 40 pin socket, with ground connected but not the 5V pin, it has the serial console service disabled as recommended to use the UART.
Does anyone have a clue why could be?, it stops to work after Jetson Nano load some software or kernel, is like a kernel module or service brake it. But it doesn’t look is a power, ground, or bad connexion issue. In Jetson Nano Im using I2C and SPI too, but if I disconnect them, still dont work.