GoPro live view in Mission Planner

Is there a way to install a gopro on my drone to get a live view while I’m running a mission? I’m using Mission Planner to run missions with a Bathycat and I’d like to get a live camera view from the boat if possible.

Yepp, use a Herelink. You can connec the HDMI output of your gopro to the HDMI input of the Herelink air unit, and connect Mission Planner to the herelink remote.

There’s gotta be a better way. What about what FPV pilots do? Herelink is like $1k.

Herelink is an off the shelf solution.
You can play with DIY things like OpenHD or openIPC if you ready to get rid of the GoPro.
or even go back to analog and use a 5.8 Ghz VTX. Then you will need a digitizer in the ground side and except 1sec+ delays…

Anyway, you can get your video transmission system. Mission Planner can display any kind of digital stream from MPJPEG to H.265

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Most of them aren’t downlinking GoPro video. They use dedicated systems for low latency video transmission like those made by RunCam, Fat Shark, Caddx, and DJI.

Ok, I’m not tied to GoPro… I suppose I should have indicated that in the post… I’m having a hard time finding what a typical RunCam system would look like - no issues finding the VTX info, but the RTX info is hard to find.

I’ve been using Walksnail with the VRX module. HDMI output to a $30 HDMI - USB adapter and that plugs into my laptop with Mission Planner. The only real show-stopper issue I’ve had has been around the HDMI-USB adapter. I’ve got one that works without fail, and another that crashes my VRX after a few seconds.

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Hi @Eosbandi, Sorry to interrupt you in this interesting discussion. I am also looking for some cheap solution for my system.

I have a camera which outputs the UVC video by USB. I want to transmit this video to ground and I don’t want to change the camera for some other reason.

Is there anything which you can suggest for my system? Thanks, Looking forward to your response.

I use an SIYI HM30 on one of my Rovers. Range is very good, video quality is excellent, and it can be transmitted over an Ethernet connection (or optional HDMI capture adapter) to Mission Planner. Also carries MavLink telemetry.

Costs about as much as a GoPro, but the air unit is a bit large, depending on your aircraft size.

Do you have a link for the stuff you have? pics of your setup?

It will relay SBus RC also, if desired, but I prefer a separate RC link over ExpressLRS, so I leave the SBus port disconnected.

I don’t have installed pics and won’t be able to take any for a few days.

I also use a HM30 system. It has a few quirks, but with plenty of connection options if often fits the bill.

If you want cheap HD you need to build a diy setup with OpenHD or the like.

@Tristan_Redish, completely agree with this assessment!