GoPro compatibility with Apps

I’m wondering if any of the 3DR flight control apps are compatible with GoPro 3 for grid flying/ orthographic imaging missions with Iris? Particularly GPS activated image shooting. Any info gratefully received…

I think, you have to explain exactly what you mean with “compatibility”.
APM:Copter can trigger cameras. If the H3 has the possibility to be triggered externally, chances are, somebody has published instructions for a circuit which can do this somewhere.

As for the “Apps”, I don’t see what they have to do with that. You should explain this further.
With all Ground Control Software, you can plan a flight pattern as you wish. Some software has some inbuilt functions to help you e.g. plan a search grid. To find out about that, please refer to the respective software documentations.

APM:Copter camera control:
Mission planner documentation:
APM Planner 2 documentation:
Andropilot documentation:
Droidplanner: No complete documentation yet. Support forum in this forums.

Thanks for the reply StefanG, and yes sorry I was referring to ground control software. I understand how these work, by ‘compatibility’ I meant whether the Hero 3 can be externally triggered, by adding the Hero 3 to a program like APM:Copter and then being able to select it in the drop down menu and know from the mission grid how many photos needed etc for the mission, which is calculated by the program.

So basically I was wondering if people had heard of the Hero 3 being used in this way, as I plan to do surveys with an Iris.

Thanks very much

Please read the Copter camera documentation that I linked to! It is possible to trigger a camera in a mission but I don’t know if the GoPro 3 can be externally triggered at all. Usually people use other cameras with better lenses and resolution for all the geo-stuff.

Thanks StefanG. I just wondered if anyone had heard of it being done anywhere, as the Iris can only carry the GoPro for maximum flight times. I hope to move to bigger kit and better cameras when I have enough money to do so. I am also looking at planes as an alternative, but want the versatility of a copter to begin with for other applications.

thanks for all the help.