Gopro Camera Control Throw Pixhawk

Hi all ,

i want to ask dose there any way to control camera ( Gopro Hero 4 Black ) throw Pixhawk and Ardupilot.

I need to control some function

  • SwitchON/OFF
  • REC Start/Stop

Throw radio controller or mission planner ,
the camera is famous.

If there is no way ,
Could you provide me with Simplest method to control camera throw RC or Pixhawk?


Not without either doing some hardware hacking of the GoPro, or going through a mess as my brother did to use a RaspberryPi, set it up as a wireless access point to control the GoPro via some Python scripts. He doesn’t have it quite right I believe and he’s been working on it on and off for several months now. But he is pretty close.


I try haking the gopro buttons and connect them as switch
I need to convert the PWM to switch relay .