Google Earth Imagery not loading anymore

Lately Im having a problem where the Google Earth images over my house wont load. They load in Google Earth itself but not in the MP. If I go to the Flight Plan screen and select OviSatelliteMap the images load, but not for GoogleSatelliteMap. Occasionally it will load, but not properly as can be seen below:

Let me guess, you are running Win 7 or 8, 64 bit ?

Correct yes, Win7 64bit…

Same problem on WIN 8.1 64bit


Thanks, I was starting to worry that it was only me…

please try the latest beta, as this should now be resolved.

Seems to be working now… Thanks,

Not working for me, yet.
I’m using 1.2.95 on laptop with Win8 64bits, did not loading imagery for Google Earth.
Anyone has a suggestion?


Did you select the beta download?