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Google Announces Android thing 1.0 and Machine Learning Kit (ML Kit)

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Google’s I/O always offers some “really cool” new stuff, but I saw some of the things this year as potential gains to the Companion Computer conversation.

With Android Things making it easier to put scaled Android on smaller and smaller boards it is getting more likely that you could put the Android capabilities onto a flying platform. With the addition of their “ML Kit” which allows for “Mere mortals [to] add machine learning features to their apps with a simple API call.”

Both Google and Microsoft keep trying to push the limits of getting Machine Learning in the hands of every day people (probably mainly because of their own desires at analytics), but for those looking to build a system for auto-geotagging when you see a “Cow” for example, these look like great potentials. Also, the “Herd Counting” projects i’ve seen talked about. With ML, the app would potentially get better every time it goes out.

Anyways, thought I’d throw these out there for discussion. I’m not smart enough to implement some of this stuff, but I know there are people here that are.

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