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Good News... funding on the way

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@antimattercrusader: I would very interested in your cellular telemetry set-up? If you would care to write up a post here in arduboat I would be greatful.

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Sure thing, I will do that over the next few days.

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Yes… I have very interested also… I am about to buy a static IP for $500… would rather not.

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Oh yeah, don’t do that!! Amazon has a free tier that is free for one year then then like $5/month after that and an elastic (static) IP is free if assigned to a running EC2 instance… I’ll do a detailed step by step ASAP. Plus this way you can connect from any computer including that connected to another hotspot etc or behind a network/firewall.

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I am interested to hear more on your telemetry over 3G/4G.

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Ok… We got it working just as you described. EC2 instance is the key with Static IP.

I showed my guy and he did it with makproxy under ubuntu operating system.

I am in Louisiana and the Amazon server is west coast and I don’t know how… but its SUPER FAST.

data was coming in at 10 times a sec and the lag was very low.

For example it receives all the parm way faster then any 900 mhz telemetry

Good find Antimatter

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VERY VERY nice! Where do I get one? And somewhere to store it?

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Just got back from a survey… did ~50 miles over 24 hours…

17 new photos · Album by Aerial Imagery

gmorph… yes… storing IS a problem… I work on it here at my house and store it at the university.


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I have many pictures in google photos in an album just for this survey…

The link above is should share the whole album but only shows this one picture…

Am I doing something wrong ? Thanks



This is the share album link… does it work… ?

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When I open that link above I see lots of photos and some videos. About 17 all up.

Thanks, Grant.