Good and suitable RTK base, easily programmable using mavlink recommendation?

Hi I am trying to configure a RTK base
Using computer got the data and send to the drone using mavlink and mavproxy.

I tried using F9p module send, but the ardupilot doesn’t seems to recognize the data. I tried sending to myself in mission planner. Doesn’t recognized by mission planner.

Anyone can recommend any RTK base you work with, managed to send good data to your drone?

I don’t know which F9P unit you have, but I would think it would work fine. I personally have used the Ardusimple SimpleRTK2B and the Ublox C099-F9P as RTK bases. I set up the base manually in Ucenter and have telemetry sending the RTCM3 data directly. HOWEVER, a more common method is to use a computer running Mission Planner to inject the corrections into its MAVlink communication with the flight controller. Ardupilot will send the corrections to the Rover GPS. The nice thing about this method is that Mission Planner will configure the Base GPS for you. I think these instructions will help you. I do not think these instructions are specific to the Here+ unit. The Mission Planner setup should work with any F9P GPS.

Here+ RTK GPS — Copter documentation (

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Hi thanks for the recommendation. I had gone thru their website ardusimple. Price is much lower than here+. And it seems to be pretty compatible with users who want to program them own ground control.