Going to build my first Rover

Hi everyone,

I’ve spent a few days doing research as I would like to build my own personal rover, I looked into APM a lot but read that Rover 3.0.0 firmware has been released and is no longer supported on APM. What I will be doing is just writing a quick list what I think is required and if I’m missing anything please point it out. I’ve never owned a proper “Electric RC Car”, I have however spent a few thousand dollars on a number of Multicopters, with FPV goggles and a Taranis controller. I have used both DJI Naza and Naze32 flight controllers.

What I think I need:
•A RC Vehicle (HSP 1/8 Crawler)
•Pixhawk Contoller + GPS
•Flysky Receiver to work with Taranis

Is it actually really simple to setup, connect everything together and flash the Rover Firmware, or is there a lot more to it?

I personally live on a 125acre property and would like to roam around and eventually put a camera on board. I would really appreciate it if someone can point me a good direction!

Hi Todd,
You can start here to get a feel for what it takes to get your Rover up and running.
I have built a number of Rovers based on the Traxxas 4WD brushless Slash Chassis and on the Traxxas E-Maxx Chassis using the Pixhawk and have been very successful.

To get trouble-free driving have a look at SaberTooth servos.
They are well worth their price.

I have tried a number of motor servos before but no need anymore. I think Thomas will agree on this.
The exist in a number of sizes for DC motors.


If you are going to use brushless motors there are other alternatives I’m not familiar with for cars.

Good luck