Going crazy with Z vibrations

Hi there,

After balancing props and motors, adding antivibration to pixhawk, increasing mass to pixhawk, tightening every piece of the quadcopter and making a lot of flight tests, I still can’t have my drone flying in auto, loiter or althold modes.

I need your advices. Thank you

Why not try a notch filter then?

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With my super small and light PixRacer, I also went crazy trying to tame the Z vibrations.

The wining combination for me was to place it on a foam pad and then ++add++ weight to it.

The stack is a foam pad stuck to the frame with double sided carpet tape. Then more carpet tape on top to a thin brass plate the size of the PixRacer, more carpet tape and then finally the PixRacer.

Basically, the PixRacer is so light that the wires going to it induced vibrations and the plate I added was needed to overcome that while dampening the frame vibrations with the foam.

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I have a 210 frame 5" with a PixRacer and I used a small ball mount plate with the very compliant orange balls for camera mounts replacing the stock ones. No vibe issue to speak of even before using a notch filter. The Pixracer has an aluminum case which does add some weight.


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