Goblin 570 FPV build log

Seen the lack of FPV traditional helicopter build logs/ detailed infos I thought would be useful for the community to share some details of this project here.
The frame speaks for itself: robust, agile and most important nice-looking.
The idea was to have a little frame capable of performing mild aerobatics, sort of scale flight FPV ( the “Loach dance” style of flight) while maintaining full automatic flight capabilities.
The heli is equipped with the following:
Flight control: Holybro Kakute F7 HDV AIO (V1.0);
GNSS: Matek M8Q;
RC: Frsky R9M Access/ R9 mini receiver;
FPV: Dji FPV, Dji Air-unit ;
ESC: Hobbywing Platinum 80A V4;
Engine: Skorpion 1450kV;
Battery: 6s 5Ah;
Swashplate servos: Savox SX1258TG;
T/R servo: Futaba S9254;
FC has been installed in the original location of the FBL unit, together with the GPS receiver (location of the GPS unit is not ideal, borderline in regard of EMI, but still acceptable for safe operation):

FC is assembled with the supplied rubber dampers, bolts “lightly” tightened.
the main objective here was to keep the silhouette as close to original as possible, so no ugly “stuff” hanging around outside the fuselage.
Installing the FPV equipment was really easy, as this airframe has a nice roomy bay just below the battery slider:

Most important, the lower support is aluminium made, with heatsinks (originally intended for ESC dissipation), so it comes really handy to provide additional cooling for the fpv Air Unit.
detail of the fpv bay/ camera support:

Air unit antenna mount:

Really nice and handy at the field, the PID tuning is perfomed directly from my Horus radio, using Yaapu GCS (great tool @yaapu ):

The tuning of the attitude control is now being optimized, especially the “higher speed” range (I haven’t pulled beyond 30 m/s yet), but results are really promising.
This action was perfomed in Acro flight mode with goggles on:

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It’s awesome to see other Trad Heli builds! I have a Trex 800 on the way and hope to do a very similar setup as yours.

Have you seen any drastic issues with the GPS placement? I like how clean and tidy everything looks with it in that location.


@Ferrosan You show “PID tuning is perfomed directly from my Horus radio, using Yaapu GCS”. What version of Yaapu are you using and how did you add the page Heli Tune? Can you change a parameter on that screen and send it to the Heli? This is a great feature to have, please explain more.

Hi @Thermal_King16 Dan, the biggest issue here is the compass, I’m waiting on titanium bolts to replace the stock steel ones.
GNSS receiver doesn’t seem bad (compared to a “clean” configuration), I have put some additional shielding (considered the vicinity to the micro of the FC):

@ggibbons yes, you can change parameters directly from your radio.
Here you can find more infos: Yaapu FrSky GCS using FrSky Bi-Directional Telemetry — Copter documentation.
To access it keep “SYS” pressed and then scroll down to “Yaapu GCS”.

some footage of automatic flight:

@Ferrosan Thank you very much, installed the GCS, works well. I had no idea the GCS existed, I’ve been using the yaapu widget on my X10 Express for Helis for over a year.

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@Ferrosan I am looking forward to the GCS being available for the X20, are you aware of any news?