GNSS Serial Transmission Protocals

I’m trying to integrate a non standard GNSS Module with the Cube Orange+ and I need to find some documentation on what serial protocols (UART, I2C, etc…) and data formats are required to allow the Cube Orange to read GNSS data it outputs.

I may also try using the Sparkfun ZED-F9P dev board too, but i need to know how to wire these modules up which involves understanding what the data stream should look like.

Any help or directions to documentation/examples on this would be fantastic.

My hardware setup is:
u-blox XPLR-HPG-2 dev board (ZED-F9P GNSS Module)

My software setup is
Arducopter 4.5.2
Mission Planner 1.3.81

Thanks alot!

Most GPS modules should be able to output NMEA, which you can set as UART protocol in Ardupilot.