Gnss RTK Module

What is the most cost effective module I can buy in the market not be break my bank but give me a better Gps accuracy that this one M8N

There is no “RTK” module that won’t break the bank they are all expensive. Do you really mean RTK or just a better GPS module than an M8N?

just a better GPS module than an M8N

An M10

do you have a link to one and is this plug and play or I will have to do some modification

can I plug in two gps to make it a little more accurate
? If I may ask .


I happen to have the M8N and Neo 7n hoping if I combine both it might help with the accuracy.

is it worth the effort ?

It won’t. The 2 modules need to be the same type and accuracy won’t really improve but there will be some redundancy.

thanks - I guess I need to search more for gps in the $100 range with better accuracy

what is the accuracy level on this ? I could not find it any where. Thanks

Compare the datasheets directly:

NEO-M8 (
MAX-M10S Data sheet (

The MAX-M10S is clearly a more capable module at a similar price point with slightly more modern underpinnings.

However, there are a lot of cheap clones out there that do not live up to the genuine hardware specs. Matek makes a few modules with genuine hardware.

Those that can be sourced even more cheaply from AliExpress or BangGood are often clone hardware.

Additionally, just because the chip itself is more capable does not mean that a fully assembled module will fully leverage its capability. A good GPS with a bad antenna will still perform badly. And a good GPS with an excellent antenna will still perform badly if its placement on the vehicle is prone to interference or physical masking of sky view.

these are going to be my two options

the holybro is discontinued and the new version price doubled

out if these two can I use a Ntrip , so I do not have to get a base or is getting my own base a good investment . I am located in the western part of Canada.

Highly recommend the ArduSimple F9P module. It performs far better than any M8P solution.

Both can be used with NTRIP/RTCM3. If you want that capability, you’ll need a fixed base, which can likewise be supported with the same ArduSimple hardware linked above (a second module).

Also be aware that the Ardusimple board does not have a magnetometer - if that is needed for your application. GL!

I am using it on a rover project and one last question is how accurate will injecting a old cellphone gps as my source of gps .

so what you are saying is I will need a base regardless?

Unless you have a public NTRIP station nearby, yes.

the nearest ones to me is Red Deer and Airdrie .

so I can just connect to be and is should work ?
How reliable is the public Ntrip ?
How close should I be to the public Ntrip ?

I am asking all these questions so when I buy the rover RTK - I do not have to go back and buy the Base unit . Just to save some money on the shipping .