Gnss baseline yaw fall back

So I’m done with inconsistent compass messages lol! Especially on a 17kg X8. So I was going to get two Holybro **H-RTK F9P Helical’s. I may ever use a base since I’ve got a few kicking around. But is seems you’re supposed to use a compass backup. Would that just be the internal Cube’s compass (wouldn’t want to trust that for long), or do you add an external compass?

GPS yaw is very reliable as long as you have a clear sky view. I disable all compasses on any moving baseline configured vehicle.

You’re supposed to do what works best for your use case. For me, moving baseline is the method by which to get accurate heading in an environment with too much electromagnetic interference to rely on a magnetometer (even as a fallback).

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The F9P Helicals from Holybro have internal compasses, so if you decide to go for a compass fallback, you can use one or two of them.

I would not recommend using the internal compass of the cube as a fallback.

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By the way, you can also get rid of the “inconsistent compass” message by disabling the internal compass (set COMPASS_USE2 = 0, COMPASS_USE3=0). Of course this means that the vehicle won’t have a double check that the main compass’s heading is accurate but otherwise it should be OK. The EKF only ever uses a single compass at a time.

Anyway, GPS-for-yaw seems to be working well as Yuri says.

The EKF compare compass with GPS yaw? Is it safe to use in an RTH for example?


GPS-for-yaw is working well in all modes including RTL.