GNSS base station configuration from QGC

Hi, I have looked but not found options to configure a local GNSS base station with a Septentrio receiver from the QGC software. Am I mistaking that this is not yet implemented? If not, is there a possibility to start the implementation of this for receivers from companies like Septentrio that offer high accuracy GNSS receiver that can opperate both as base or rover?

Septentrio RTK base RTCM injection works fine in mission planner for the past 7 years at least.

I understand the functionality is in place on MP, but the request is for QGC. From the forum I have found a suggested solution to do if with MavProxy, is this the only possible way to keep using QGC and have RTCM injection wit that software without switching to MP?

There are some open PR like Adding initial support for NTRIP / TCP source of RTCM data. by TobinHall · Pull Request #9493 · mavlink/qgroundcontrol · GitHub but doesn’t seems somebody is investing time in this.
ArduPilot got no control over QGC, so best would be to ask on px4 as they hold GCS project.