Glueing/fixing broken parts

wbal57 wrote:
[color=#FF0000]"For my Tarot frame a slow steady decent in RTL mode cracked my plate right down the center. Seems weakest and broke clean in half.

IPS Weldon 16 works well with all the plastic on IRIS sofar. It works and will melt the layers it touches and almost weld the surfaces together. IPS 16 takes time to cure and needs to be clamped but has repaired my frame and two legs. Great stuff."[/color]

It is getting expensive for me replacing arms/broken parts :frowning:

I had a bad crash and broke 1 arm in two pieces, and on 2 other arms, since it crashed upside down, it just popped the bottoms out where the motor attaches. If this glue works well and creates a nice strong bond, I may just try to glue the bottoms in again. I’ll still have to get new motors, but this might save on the cost of new arms. If anyone has repaired legs…and feels comfortable flying with repaired parts, please reply.

If there is something that will make a solid bond between the broken parts, I might consider trying to repair a part rather than replacing it if it is a nice clean break. So the question is…is there any product that WILL create a truly strong fix? If so, what is the product? (a link to it would be great)

Don’t know much about repairing copters, but IPS Weld On is a solvent adhesive. It doesn’t “almost” weld surfaces together, it does weld them together by dissolving them and reforming the plastic. The joint should be as strong as the part. Depends on the plastic, of course, #16 is intended for acrylic but will work on other plastics; from the sound of it, it looks like it is suitable for Tarot frames at least.