Glide slope calculation

hello everybody

do we have in real time the glide slope calculation available (display and log analysis) ?

the idea is to fine tune a glider (currently I fly with heron and volantex 2400)


Not really real time. You can look at logs. See GPS/VZ and airspeed, then do some trigonometry.

I just found in mission planner a variable called glide_ratio. I have tested it with sitl (simulation) and apparently not available in tlog. It is a good start with your advise


The value of glide_ratio can be seen in the Status tab. It can also be placed on the Quick tab.

I have the same airplane, most likely for long-range and missions. So, looking for a more efficient way to fly.
Any result based on your calculation?
Where can I adjust the glide-ratio to be more efficient?

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