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Gimbals for Quadcopter on the market (Suggestions, Compatibility, Price range, etc..)

Hi All,

I would like to add a 3-axis gimbal to my Quad and I’m looking for suggestions from more experienced users to get a good starting one.
I’ve read this guide and this guide, but I was wondering if more models could pop up from the forum.
Therefore I would be happy to get some pointers to products you feel happy with, you have tested or you use regularly.
Thank you in advance for your hints.

I’m happy to hear suggestions too. We’ve got a series of different gimbals that all end up pointing a bit off in roll or yaw. Or some axis will slowly move over time, 5 minutes not all day…
Or the gimbal will behave totally differently at each power on :rage:
And of course none of them have drivers or software that works past Windows95 and our last Win95 or Win7 laptop is long gone :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’m thinking something with a replaceable control board and IMUs, so at least when it does go bad, you can replace the faulty parts.

I have two of those gimbals and they work well together vith Pixhawk


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Viewpro Q10F/Z (Gimbal with integraded camera)

Weight: ~500g
Price: ~800 USD
Compatibility: S.BUS / PWM / Serial

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something like this one…

…can be easily integrated?



I had a look to the link… This gimbal has to be completely mounted, soldered, tuned? do i got it right?

really beautiful… a little out of price for me but interesting!


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